110mm PECD Cutter

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Material of 110mm PECD Cutter

For 110mm corrugated upper sheath removal.

‡Steel Corrugated ring


Fixing plate

 Cutting Mechanism



Instructions:    Striping Outer duct

1- Put the cutter into the outer duct

2- Pill off the skin of COD spinning right

3- Cutting Skin of COD and remove COD
cutter spinning left

4- Trimming Sub-duct and complete

5- To clamp and secure both ends of the
COD ducts.

6- Insert Couplings in each sub duct
clamped beside the tool’s lever arm.

7- Operate the lever arm of the Jointing Tool
to move the duct towards the opposite

8- Guide the Sub duct Couplings until they
mate with the opposite sub-ducts.

9- To close and cover the joint. One part
below the joint, covering 2 grooves of the
duct and the other part to mate with the
other half.

10- Tighten the bolts of the closure. The
completed PECD jointing.


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